Staten Island Real Estate

Let’s open the door to the Staten Island home of your dreams…

Realistically, one of the most important steps to prepare for Staten Island home ownership is obtaining financing. It’s imperative to qualify for a mortgage for the amount you can afford before you go shopping for the home of your dreams. You’ll need to know exactly what price range to search in and which neighborhoods have homes in your range. The advice of your Sunny Side Property "STATEN ISLAND REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST" will make all the difference in deciding where and where not to search for a home to suit your life. Remember, you might qualify for less house than you think or you might qualify for more than you imagine. Use mortgage calculator to determine your loan amounts, qualification, or whether you should be renting or buying. There are so many aspects to consider, navigating it all with a realtor and lender can save you time and money, heartache and headaches.

If you don’t know how to begin, give us a call, James Barry at 718-442-4000 or email.

What can my Staten Island Realtor actually do for me?

Anyone can search through listings and look at homes, viewing beautiful homes and picking out ones you like or dream of living in one day is the easy part. A realtor can sort through piles of information about a home and give you the knowledge you need before purchasing one. An experienced, ethical realtor is diligent about knowing everything there is to know about a house before you purchase it and disclosing all the information before you make this significant financial transaction. Therefore, it becomes foolish to go into buying a home blindly based on what you like and dislike, and whether or not you can afford the one you want. Homes have histories, builders have reputations, and sellers have their own set of issues.

At Sunnyside Properties, "YOUR STATEN ISLAND REALTY SPECIALISTS", James Barry and his team sort through a myriad of details and information on foreclosure homes, short sales, REOs, bank-owned, new construction, existing homes, whether you’re looking for a town home, condo, manor—they summarize the home’s history financially and its structure, appliances, it’s design, pointing out pitfalls you’ll want to avoid, and more.

Interested in taking safe/secure steps toward Staten Island home ownership? Give us a call, James Barry at 718-442-4000 or email.

Don’t miss out of Staten Island Property bargains!

In today’s market, where the future is unclear and unpredictable, there are great deals on homes of all kinds on Staten Island and there are deals you might want to be wary of. Let Sunnyside Properties do the hardwork for you by:

  • Finding a home that suits your life (in style and financially)
  • Negoitiating the price of the home you’ve decided to purchase.
  • Interceding between you and others (realtor representing the seller, inspector, mortgage company, title company, etc.) so you get the most home for your money.

If you’re at all apprehensive about this significant financial investment, please choose a professional Staten Island realtor very carefully. Choose one that offers extensive experience and an impeccable reputation, like James Barry with Sunnyside Properties "YOUR STATEN ISLAND REALTY SPECIALIST" at 718-442-4000 or email.